Saving Money through Your Water Heater


As the winter season approaches and Southern California begins its chillier weather, we all will begin turning up the heat, bundling up, and getting warm. For those not looking to splurge on energy bills this winter season, Duran & Sons Universal Plumbing & Rooter has compiled a list of helpful tips on how to utilize your water heater as a way to save money. On average, your water heater makes up about 18% of your utility bill, making it an essential player in an energy cost strategy.

Tips on how you can cut costs through your water heater:

Use less hot water – This one is a no-brainer, but some people might not realize how easy it is to cut hot water use without sacrificing your steaming showers. For example, you can start washing your laundry in cold water, cut out baths from your routine, and keep faucets turned towards the cold water, so you don’t waste warming it up when not in use. Small steps like this can add up and make a big difference.

Get an efficient water heater – Water heaters aren’t a one size fits all type of deal. In fact, finding the right water heater for you and your family can save you more money than just buying the cheapest model (in many cases, the cheapest model will result in higher long-term utility costs). Choosing to install a gas water heater over an electric unit, or installing a solar water heater can cut costs significantly with time, even though initial costs might seem like a huge investment.

Knowing when to touch the thermostat – Lowering the temperature of your water heater doesn’t have the impact on energy costs that many people might think. That is because the lowered temperature does not make up for the amount of water used. For example, if you like your showers to be 100 degrees, setting your thermostat to 100 degrees will do little to save on energy. This is because when you shower it will take more heated water, rather than if you set your thermostat to 130 degrees, and cold water mixed with some of your heated water is used.

Maintenance and service – The best way to ensure your water heater is not costing you unnecessary money is to have it regularly serviced by an experienced San Fernando Valley water heater plumber. When our team is handling a water heater service, we will look for leaks and ways to improve the efficiency of your unit. Regular maintenance keeps your unit in tip-top shape, allowing it to work harder for less money.

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